Teach With Minecraft

Ideas for teaching using Minecraft

Using Minecraft to Teach Physics

Physics on Minecraft: Science for Everyone

Sometimes is hard for teachers to explain a subject such as physics because of the difficulty that it represents for some students. But don't worry, we can use Minecraft to provide an alternative to your academic scheme. The purpose of this post is to show a best way that you, as a teacher, can use Minecraft to ensure that construction of knowledge in the classroom. Is important to highlight that this game, developed by Mojang, has a lot of ways to be used for education. We'll show examples ...

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Minecraft to Teach Quests

Making quests with Minecraft

This famous game offers you the possibility of creating quests by yourself. This kind of processes can be a great tool for teaching students to follow instructions, regardless if it is implemented as an individual or a group activity. In this post, we are going to show you the primary resources that you may need to make those quests that you want. What is a quest? Quests are missions that we accept or decline within the game. It is possible to offer a reward when the quest has been ...

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Using Minecraft to Teach Earth Science

Earth science on Minecraft: Geology taken to the next level

With Minecraft you can cover the key concepts of Geology; to show and explain the characteristics of specific territories in a fun and more visual way. Within the game, teachers are able to teach all of the things that could be done in a traditional earth science class. There is a tool called "Minecraft Overviewer", which is useful to render worlds and show it like a map displayed in Google Maps. BetterGeo is a great tool to begin the process BetterGeo is a a game modification that was ...

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Using Python Code Creatively in Minecraft

What's in the Air?

We showed how Python can be used in Minecraft to make cool structures like floating domes. For that code, we made a nested loop to change the blocks in the space around the player. We check if a given spot is within a sphere and set a block depending on the location. For example, if it is below the player and in the sphere we turn it to stone. And if we're above the player and exactly at the radius of the sphere, we set the block to be glass - we want a glass dome after all. However, we also ...

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Programming Minecraft in Python

Using Python in Minecraft to Automate Construction

Minecraft is a great platform since it is open ended. And with mods, it can be changed in a huge number of ways. As we alluded to before, Minecraft can be a great platform for learning to code. Someone that wants to learn to program can dive right into Java and make minecraft mods. However, that can be a bit daunting. Here we show how to use the Python programming language to program Minecraft. Minecraft Pi, which is a special version of Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi, lets users control ...

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Minecraft to Teach Volume

Length, width, and height: volume learning in Minecraft using blocks

Volume is a basic math concept, and minecraft is great for teaching it. Finding area, perimeter and the volume of shape on a traditional school blackboard can be tedious. Instead, turn the computer on now and start enjoying the Minecraft education experience! Through this article, you are going to be introduced to finding a shape's volume. The goal of this topic is to promote the analytic thinking by implementing a fun method for in-game learning. There are a lot of schools using Minecraft ...

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Minecraft to Teach Science

Science in Minecraft: biology and chemistry

Minecraft can be used to teach varoious science topics. For example, using jsut blocks they can create DNA chains, cells, and organs of our body. Here we use Minecraft as a tool to bring a new way of learning the properties of scientific concepts. Using this, students will be able to reproduce the knowledge obtained thanks to the visual and interactive experience that the open-ended game offers. Ideas to teach Biology with Minecraft As you can see in the picture, exploring cell structures in ...

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Does Minecraft Teach Math?

Minecraft as a tool for teaching math

Does Minecraft Teach Math? This is a question often asked when using Minecraft as a tool for education. The answer is yes! Math has never been this easy! One of the subjects kids often need help with is mathematics - understanding theorems, formulas, measures and the logic of these topics can be an nightmare for many children around the world. This reality is now being replaced by a project-based teaching using games like Minecraft, which is now a powerful tool for changing the old-fashioned ...

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Using Minecraft to Teach Logic Gates

Redstone and Logic Gates: Input on, output off

Sometimes, learning the basics of circuits can be a complex task when you are looking all those truth tables and logic rules in the traditional way, but now, you can simplify your learning process by using Minecraft’s redstone. To learn the basics of logic gates you just need levers, redstone, torches, and a simple stone cube. This article is going to show you the structure of each gate and how you can reproduce it in your Minecraft world. So, let’s start. NOT Gate: Input off, output on This ...

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Minecraft to Learn Architecture

Minecraft: The Future of Architecture Learning

Maybe you have heard about that pixel-looking game that is a hit on the internet, and which its videos are an exploding trend on YouTube, but if you haven’t, it’s time to get into that. It is possible that you've never played it because it seems to be just for kid's entertainment. But nevertheless, this game developed by Mojang in 2009, and now owned my Microsoft, is now an innovative tool for education in the field of buildings and architecture. You read it right. After all, build is the ...

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Using Minecraft to Teach Engineering

Redstone: Opening a road for engineering learning in Minecraft.

Apart from entertainment, cubes and all that stuff, Minecraft, developed by Mojang has become a great tool for engineering teaching and learning. On the web you can find Minecraft creations that go from useful transport, even to scientific calculators. Definitely this game has a lot of surprises waiting to be discovered, and that red dust, redstone, you find in the game inventory, is one of them. Engineering in Minecraft: Thinking out of the box To produce engineering creations, it is ...

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Using Minecraft to Teach Social Skills

Collaborative Skills and Teamwork in Minecraft

Minecraft has created an unbelievable community for collaboration through many websites, servers, and forums that we will be accessing in order to help you develop a better understanding of how to get into the community yourself! Everything from Graphic Design to Coding has a place in this community and we're going to teach you how to get right into it! Find a Niche Community So our first priority is to find somewhere that we will fit in. Let’s say we really like Steampunk Building well, ...

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Learning a language in Minecraft

Using minecraft to teach a language

Learning another language can be very difficult and is something a lot of people struggle with! The concept that there isn’t just one language but, hundreds that mimic words from ours are overwhelming on its own. But, with Minecraft, you can make this a very easy process! Learning a language has never been more interactive with the lesson that we have put together. Within the article, you will have access to a downloadable world which you can carry out this lesson on as well as many helpful ...

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Minecraft to Teach Geometry

Blocks make using mineraft to teach geometry easy

Math becoming more important than ever with technology advancing as quickly as it is has given Minecraft the chance to take advantage of a whole generation learning the ins and outs of the 3D world. Minecraft creates a perfect environment for learning some basics about geometry as well as trying to figure out complex shapes within the 3D world. The following article will give you a bit of insight as to how you can take advantage of the game to create a great environment for learning the ...

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Learning to Publish Videos with Minecraft

Key skills needed to get started publishing on YouTube

Knowledge is The Currency of Minecraft Minecraft is obviously a popular game and with that popularity has come people that want to tell stories about Minecraft and using Minecraft. Kids half as young as average Computer Science professionals, Graphic Design professionals, Sound Engineers, Videographers, etc. are learning Minecraft and producing high quality video content. One of the biggest and most notable examples has been the explosion of Minecraft Youtube channels. This has been ...

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Does Minecraft Teach Coding?

Learn programming with minecraft

With video games a normal part of today's society especially within our youth, it is more important to take advantage of this powerful interest on the virtual reality as a way to educate basic skills for the new world. In particular, teaching how to program computers and the basics of computer science. There are many games that try to be educationally beneficial; but, Minecraft takes the trophy when it comes to the best game to learn from! Stephen Foster, the lead software developer at ...

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Using Minecraft to teach history

Exploring Ancient Worlds with Minecraft

With Minecraft setting the stage for creativity, it has also begun to set the stage as a great educational platform. Exploring in Minecraft is one of the key elements to it and it introduces us to a concept that really has never been brought up! If you haven't noticed already, Minecraft offers you a Virtual Classroom with literally unlimited possibilities! With Minecraft already offering 1:1 scale replicas of actual locations in our world, it has never been easier to pack up and go on a ...

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Adding Two Numbers

How to find the sum of two numbers using Minecraft

In this lesson we show how Minecraft can be used to teach a very basic skill in a fun way. Here we show the basics of arithmetic by adding two numbers. Kids often learn to add through counting. Instead of counting on their fingers, students can place blocks in the Minecraft world. We'll use three different blocks for this lesson. We use different colors of wool in creative mode in these examples. The student will explore different ways to sum to a given number. The first color shows the ...

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Even or Odd

How to find if a number is even or odd

In this lesson, we'll show how to use Minecraft to explore the concept of even numbers and odd numbers. For example, with the numbers between one and ten, 2,4,6,8 and 10 are even while 1,3,5,7, and 9 are odd. Learning even and odd numbers is a great introduction to learning basic patterns with numbers and these types of patterns are fundamental to many arithmetic concepts. For this lesson, we'll define an even number as any number that can be paired up to have a buddy. Odd numbers do not ...

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